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f22a rev limiter????????????????????

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any1 know what it is? i reved it to 7000 rpm before (2nd gear), and it's redline on the gauge is 6000...i will be running ZEX soon, so I wanna make sure i don't hit the rev limiter while spraying.
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I have bounced off of mine a couple of times and I know it is after 6500 and before 7000 so probably 6750??. But this is for my f22b1 so it may be different for the non-VTEC version. The ZEX kit has a built in N2O cut-off at lean a/f so you shouldn't have to worry too much.

I would be staying away from redline anyway with the N2O.
in my 95 lx, the non vtech, i can hit 7000, never tried to go further just couse i dont want to fuck up the tranny
its 7000 rpms in my friends car it a 97 accord lx with a nx wet kit at 75 shot and we have no probs you can ask him about his car his him on here is bones_accord
thats strange,
my 96 lx doesnt go above 6750 aswell!
either some cars have tampered ECU's or
its prolly just the model difference..
That's funny (in a puzzled way), my 1.8i non-vtec hits its limiter at 7200rpm.:)
i cant tell you man we are from brantford ont canada the only prob we have is the we hit speed limiter at 190 kmh
in my 4th gen i can get to 7.1 and then it will hit limitter..but i dont go that high ne more...i stay before 5.8...really there is no point cause mine is an auto..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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