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f22b jdm dohc won't start. Took it out a 92 lude (5 speed) will that flywheel go on an h22 (99 lude automatic) motor? I can't even get the f22 flywheel off the motor it has 6 or 8 hex shaped bolts and I tried PB blaster and a breaker bar and they still won't come off. Guess I will have to go to a shop and let them use an air wrench. I will need my h22 obd2 ecu and wire harness to avoid using a stepdown in the 92 lude correct? I KNOW NEXT TO NOTING ABOUT THESE MOTORS. Also will the f22b dohc headers fit on the h22? They're DC and I'm sure they're better than OEM h22 headers. F22b motor had a ton of carbon deposits on the pistons as well as the heads. I cleaned it all off the cams and rockers look ok but I didn't open the block up to see the rods,crank and piston rings. Could the carbon deposits keep the motor from turning over? MY BOY HAD AN OIL LEAK AND WAS DRIVING ON VERY
LITTLE OIL. The block didn't seize up becuz the crank pulley spins and the pistons move up and down. SOMEONE HELP ME PLZ!!!!!!!!
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