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So I did a search before posting this but didn't find much...

Anyway, I have a 1995 accord ex with an F22b in it. The engine is on its way out, not happy nor healthy in anyway (blown head gasket, jacked up wiring harnes, etc etc..).

I was wanting to swap out to a H22a or possibly the F20B. I was curious if anyone knew if these motors were straight bolt ons or not? Also is there anything special I may need to pay attention to when doing this swap? Another thing, would I need to replace the tranny, or would my current one match up?

At some point I plan on adding a turbonetics turbo kit to the car for some more HP. Its already lowered on skunks, has a decent catback and some headers I was hoping to keep, as well has aem cam gears and cold air intake.

Any info would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!
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