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bonestock94 said:
whatever you can get cheaper but h22 might be a little easier for parts when you go turbo.

cheaper is never a good route, its whats the better "value". an accord comes stock w/ an F22b2 Non-vtec of F22b1 Vtec. (in basic 94-97 accords)

the F22b1 vtec motor is a less expensive swap ( same sawp as i have) and is great for daily driving, great gas milage, and a nice bit of get up and go w/ a few basic bolt ons and modifications.

the H22 is however a much more expensive swap. not many parts of the accord are compatable w/ the prelude motor swap. its a pretty expensive swap but also a great way to gain almost 200 stock HP.

whatever your plan is with the accord i.e N/A or turbo, the H22 is NOT turbo friendly unlike the SOHC F22b1 vtec motor, a power plant to start with
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