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Factory CD Changer...Error code "E1"...anybody know how to fix it?

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Yes, I'm still running a factory head unit, and 6 disc changer (but got after-market speakers though :) )...

About a week ago I hit the "CD" button on the deck and it said "E-01" or "E-1", I looked in the Owners Manual section for the CD changer and it said "E-1, see Honda dealer"...

WTF? Anybody ever had this problem with factory Honda changers?

Anybody got any idea what's wrong?

It's still got my Big Tymers, Cash Money Records, and burnt Trance CD's in there :mad: damnit I miss those CD's, especially at the races...f'm imbarrasing it sit and listen to the radio. :mad:
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this ain't going to help you but it happen to me before.
My cd player was real hot and I got that code on my cd player so I just didn't use it for a day and it started to work again.
HAHAHA..... told you I be no help.
why did I even post this on here huh, stupid me
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