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Factory fog light install

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Looks like most Type-S owners skipped on getting fog lights at delivery like I did. I've only seen 1 Type-S on the road with fog lights since the car went on sale last July. Those dummy plates in the chin spoiler were the fog lights fit just don't look good without them. It was my first time doing fog lights, so the install took the entire day including a very brief visit to the dealer the next morning for some final connections. If you can do-it-yourself, you can save a few hundred bucks!
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however, people have said that the OEM fog lights crack and break really easily... so you gotta becareful when following another vehicle.
Like I said, I just hate those dummy plates in the chin spoiler. The car looks so much better with lights. They should be standard on the Type-S since there isn't much exterior difference from the S and the base besides the unpainted side skirts and exhaust tip.
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