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fake brembo rotors

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i am just posting to let you guys know that if you have any cross drilled/slotted brembo rotors that they are fake. i bought some off ebay and i was wondering why they weren't cross drilled all the way through to the other side. so i called the brembo headquarters and the representative told me that their whole company does not make cross-drilled/slotted in one rotor. he said that they either make blanks, cross-drilled, or slotted by themselves. i was aware that people would buy the blanks and cross drill or slot them themselves but i thought cross drilled/ slotted was available. so i was just posting to let all of you know that if you think you have authentic cross drilled/ slotted rotors they are fake and they have been made by someone to be both. and this is real information straight from brembo headquarters.

p.s. if you don't believe me go to the and call their contact us number and get the hard truth yourself.
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OK, thanks for the info. So what do you think these are: Peace
those are cross drilled rotors. like i said they either make blanks, only cross drilled or only slotted. read my post carefully.
that sucks
hope u dint pay too much for them
Sorry to hear you got ripped off. What are you going to do, call Ebay and try to get your money back?
You could file a fraud complaint with ebay, however you will lose $25 to the cost of processing the fraud complaint and also lose shipping. So it may not be worth the effort.

Also, Some places buy brembo blanks and then drill/slot the blanks themselves. So in that case, you have brembo cross drilled/slotted rotors.

Anyways, it would be wise to avoid cross drilled rotors to begin with. You lose a lot of surface area on the rotor and they are more prone to cracking. Less surface area and the brake pads don't have as much to grab onto which will actually make braking a little worse.
actually, you are buying brembo rotors, but they are sent to a machine shop and get drilled/cross slotted there...

a lot of shops do still have brembo rotors, just bet? just buy the blanks...
hey jayman what school do you go to? i just noticed that it said you live in walnut westco. i am from there too but i live in irvine during the week because i go to school at occ. that's weird i have never seen your car around before. who does all you motor swaps/work?
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