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Threads/posts :: constant one word posts (cool, hehe, lol, oh, ie -- post whoring), "In Before the Lock" posts, pointless threads, flame/hate threads, threads/posts glorifying post whoring, "ttt" posts; will either be locked or deleted depending on the content. Also, if you've created a thread, and it's been deleted.. DO NOT create the same thread again, or make another thread saying, "Where did my thread go?.." Also, refrain from creating any type of thread that might lead to a domestic vs. import war. All this does is lead to flaming and thus getting the thread locked/deleted.

Signature test threads / test threads :: easy.. don't start threads like this. Find one of your old posts and check there. These will be locked or deleted.

Signatures :: Please refrain from putting girls in your signature. These are prohibited. A violation will first result in removal of the picture in your sig, the second, banishment.

Hey Hondaman2000! threads :: don't start a thread to another user, it will be deleted, that's what our PM feature is for.

Nudity/partial nudity threads :: most of you porn freaks already know this.. but anything showing partial or full nudity HAS to have "WARNING" typed in the subject.

Sub forums in OT :: and they are.. ANIME, COMPUTERS, EQ, MOVIES, SPORTS & RECREATION, MUSIC, and GAMES. So if you're going to post something about any 5 of those topics, then post them in the appropriate forums, not the main OT. Not posting the correct forum will result in your thread being locked.

Advertisements/Links :: DO NOT ADVERTISE ON SHO, UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION FROM MIKE_SHO. Do not link to other sites, just post the content here. These threads/posts will be deleted.


Search function :: please do a Search before you post any information or questions. Most of the time a lot of information has already been posted and the thread has just been pushed back to a different page. For purposes of deleting threads and taking up space, if a thread has been created on a particular topic of which you have information on, just reply to it, but do not create another thread.

User cp :: go here to edit your profile and preferences, manage your PM's, and view your subscribed threads.

Posting Images (pictures) :: You have to use the IMG code. This might be a little complicated to understand, but I'll try to break it down as best as I can. First you need to find somewhere that hosts free images, then you have to upload your image from your hard-drive to the host. After you've done all that, here is what you have to type [*img][/*img] I put in *'s because the code won't show unless I do, so you have to take out the *'s in order for it to work in posts or your signature. By the way, if you don't understand, "" would be an example of your host, and, "yourimage.jpg" would be an example of your filename, incase anyone was confused.

This is not done, we'll be adding stuff in the future. So keep checking back..

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