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List your favorite apps! There might be some that other members might enjoy checking out too.:)

On the flipside. If you've had a bad experience with an app... shout out a alert and let us know. Get the word out:ninja

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for my 3g iphone, here's what i got:

Peggle - my favorite game by far, lots of replay value
tetris - classic and amazingly easy to control
tap tap revenge 2 - fun!
sim city - classic
flight control - fun and cheap
jellycar - free i think and it's fun!
oregon trail - classic!

as far as chat/networking:

facebook - free, excellent
myspace - about to delete it, dont' use it
aim - got the paid one but it was like $1.99 and supports push
yahoo - think i got the paid one too, also supports push
tweetie - paid twitter app, best one there is


flashlight -nuff said
weather channel - it's handy, even has animated radar
resistor code - i use it for my electronics
electoolkit - same ^
shazam - must have, tells you what song is playing anywhere you're at
remote - cool if you ever need to use it
sports center - espn app to keep up on game scores

i do have alot of paid apps but i had two itunes cards sitting on my desk and decided to redeem the points towards my iphone so i could get paid apps without spending any coin

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I'm waiting to play "Doom: Ressurection" form id. But I've heard it's linear and not the free roaming structure that the fps Doom games have.:(

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On my i touch, I can't do without FB, Flashlight, Remote, and weather channel.

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twitterfon - use only for ufc updates
labrynth free - love it
balance - checkbook balance/easy/simple
bill minder - keeps track of my bills
bank of america
ap news
ny times
usa today
cycorder - for recording the videos
swirly mms - for the MMS (real)
google earth
pocket dyno - havent tried it yet as i dont have accurate readings for the weight of my cars
iHandyLevel - pocket level
the weather channel
mapquest - dunno why i have this
ftp pic up - upload pics via FTP directly to my website
mcallshow - shows where a call is coming from based on the area code.
colorsplash - allows you to black and white certain areas of a pic
zombieville USA
oregon trail
XBL contacts - uses a persons XBL avatar for the contact picture
flixter - for the movie times in my area
hot weather - shitty weather app with hot pix of hot chicks
videorecorder3g - a better quality video recorder
mypaintfree - basically a paint app for photos/finger painting
crackcode - iphone version of the classic boardgame mastermind
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