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Feel kit for 4th Gen Lude, anyone?

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i must say that there's a wide range of bodykits for 4th preludes out there, sadly, most of them sucks ass. There are only a few that are noteworthy. One of them is the Feel kit that i saw of somewhere online. Now, does anyone one know of the kit? is it sold in the States? if so, how can i get my hands on it?
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i haven't seen the kit for the lude, but the one for the civic looks ugly as hell... but to each his own. post a pic if you can find it again :)
I just did a search on the kit.. came up with nothing, I'll keep looking, unless you can post a picture?
i havent seen it, but i would recomend the skyline kit. its badass!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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