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so yea...another car has caught my eye like at this very moment, and i dont want to miss out on it. so i'm seeing how much interest i can get on my accord so that i can sell it and get that other car i have my eyes on. i mainly want to sell it b/c simply my wallet cannot keep up with the maintenance the car is asking for
so yea, here we go...

1997 honda accord lx

121xxx miles on engine and body
very strong engine
burns little to no oil (i've never had to add oil)
interior is very clean
body & paint are very clean for its age

the good
radiator replaced less than 700 miles ago
exhaust piping replaced last week (all u need to do is bolt on ur muffler of choice)
jdm stanley headlights w/ depo corners
aem short ram intake
panasonic head unit and pioneer amp + 10" sub (not sure if i will include these yet)
have 2002 ex wheels that i will include with the sale
front and rear upper strut bars
lowered on neuspeed sports and tokico illuminas (rides smooth as butter with the illuminas on 3 all around)
oil change every 3000 miles with castrol gtx high mileage 5w30
tinted bumper lenses
removed amber from tails
94-95 grill

the bad
its automatic
needs valvle cover gasket replaced
needs a small tune up (which i'll probably do before the sale)
needs oil pan gasket replaced eventually
driverside front wheel bearing makes noise every now and again, might need to be repacked with grease

i'm located in philly and i'm looking for $4300

*i will be updating this list as more things come to mind & i will be gettin interior shots shortly

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