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fiberglass bomex

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I want the new Bomex front end for the 96-98 civics. But, its fiberglass. My car is a daily driver to say the least. Would you all recommend against it?

does anyone know of a urethane bomex immitation?
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To my knowledge no urethane bomex. Ther are replicas that are okay. But of course if you shell out the money for the original thats quality right there. They are all hand laid fiberglass which means they are tougher than regular fiberglass. And is plenty thick. Once my Buddy club front wears out I'm either getting the bomex replica and going to this shop that will mold the replica to fit on my car perfectly like stock. And they add more fiberglass to it to strengthen it up.
I say go with it, i mean the only time youd fuck it up bad would be if you hit another car or something and totally fuck it up. If its low, a little scraping now and then isnt going to kill it
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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