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Finally pics of my 99' Accord Coupe V6

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Check out my 99' Accord Coupe V6 down below:
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dude this is one sweeeeeet ride
i wish i could get a newer accord
Pretty tight! Where did you get the FF sticker?
No comment :D.
5.0 said:
No comment :D.
:cool: :)

Nice rims
U can tell he is rich by looking at the background of his neighborhood lol:D ,those 19 inch HARTS are a good 3 g's
Jus2sho said:
Pretty tight! Where did you get the FF sticker?
hmm should i tell you hmm I despise what F&F has done to this scene,,,ok ill be nice go visit
LOL I am watching FAST and THE FuRIOUS right now as we speak.
Nice! I really like that graphic you have on the side.
95civicEX said:
I just have two questions for you, how old are you and how many times did you watch the fast and the furious?
HEY!! Not fair!! I was going to ask those two questions!!

Does anyone know of somewhere else to get different kind of graphics like the FF kind? A lot of peeps are getting them and they are getting played out, not yet though.
I thought the movie played those stickers out.

Also, do you have spoon engine with a turbo on it?

just kidding, but I would change the graphics, it would look cleaner dude. Nice car though
I say if you lose the stickers or graphics or whatever you wanna call them, then you have a sick ride. thats my opinion anyway
Race people with stickers. Fear people with none.

Personal experience. :cool:
nice ass car!!

for some reason the modena style tails look better on black than the other colors
i will be honest

its probably slow as dookie

but who cares...i bet you get alot of pussy with that ride

phat car!!!
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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