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I bought a house that came with a VERY nice condition 77 Civic CVCC... except no drivetrain. I'll just start with: tracking down and rebuilding a CVCC engine is out of the question.

I'm looking to turn it into a fun 'mountain' cruiser. If I decide to daily drive it, I go from 3500 feet elevation to basically zero in ~40 miles. There will be no racing or other type things going on.

I'm eyeballing a diesel engine for various reasons. A lot of the reason for the swap is just to be different.

My initial thought is a VW TDI. The width of VWs are close to the Civic and they come in front wheel drive... so a little bit easier of a swap:ninja

Are there any diesel swap projects that have been done?

I'll be doing the work myself... the physical/electrical work is not a big deal; already done two Chevy LS engine swaps plus TBI.
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