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first mod?

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hey, thinking of getting another civic si again. any suggestions on what i should go for first? like, what i should look out for, faulty bits and stuff, and what mods i should start first too. i used to own a civic si hb and my first mod was just to deck it. that was it. but the engine somehow always turns off while im driving so yeah...
any help would be great.
btw, im only 17 so yeah... i dont know much yet.
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it's always good and cheap to start out with an intake...your choice of cold air and a short ram...only for around 125-225$
An AEM cold air intake would be a nice start.
Well it depends...Are you planning on getting a 99-00SI?

If so I would start with the suspension...It already has nice wheels, and the car stock is pretty quick.

Suspension is a safe mod to start with...I tell everyone this because whatever route you decide to go with your car, whether it be FI or N/A you need the suspension.

For example if you go out and spend 500 dollars on a AEM, and a header, then 2 months later want a turbo you just wasted your money.

What I am trying to say is before you do any mod; really think about what your long-term goals are going to be with the car. Don't be hasty, and just buy the first mod you can afford.

Hope this helped...
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Survey the car thoroughly both externally and internally and if your happy with things get an insurance company pro to check it out and give a report. Check to see if the car is stolen or has any finance owing on it. Do some bargaining and if all is well get it.

As for mods i would think about insurance matters. Some mods will not go down good with insurance all about risks and if you're a risk taker..well the world is your oyster ;)
In order:

1) Exhaust/Headers/Intake. Fully sports system with chrome components will cost $AU1300.00+ (Tip, muffler, pipe, cat converter, headers, custom made ram pod and K&N air filter, cold air intake).

2) rims and drop. This should be around $AU1200.00+ for 16s or 1400.00 for 17s. If you wanna save money get secondhand rims and tyre package they should cost half the new prices.
AEM cold air intake is a good start but you have to think of it this way.

You want to add something that adds the general performance of your cars and adds looks and good style to your car. I think that basic suspension mods like a combo springs or shocks or coilovers for that matter add both style and performance.

Your car looks better lowered and it can also handle the twisties a lot better.

Cold Air Intake should be the first thing you get for the stock B16A... It really opens it up IMO...
If I was starting in on a stock 99=00 Si I would have to go with a suspension mod first. The car is very quick from the factory. After that I would look at basic engine mods. An Aem is a good place to start. The exhaust side of the B16A is really good from the factory. If you want an exhaust I would look for an axle back and then start looking at wheels. Just my .02
im thinking of getting the same model i had before, a 94' civic si hb. i think i will go with the lowering first. then the exhaust. argh. so much to think about...

i like mugen_r's car! love that look!

oh yeh, if i did plan to lower the car, i want it very low, and i mean very low. what do i have to do then? lip the guards? anything else besides that?
your first mod huh, how does it feel to know that youre gonna do a mod, whoa right? crazy
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