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tzonni said:
***.. . :eek:

Just messin, man I don't think Mike will like this though.. chill? ;)
you are seriously an idiot tzonni, do you want a cookie? how bout posting something meaningful :rolleyes:

no doubt!

no shit...
first post..yay....good for you...

g'damn people =P
What the hell kind of post is this
not one mention of a turbo! Well has anyone got the Apex-i turbo kit for the SOHC VTEC eng? i saw an article about dofferent kits for the D16 and it sayys the kit can support 300 to the wheels. Can a D16 take 300 to the wheels? What the max boost intercolled for a stock bottomend D16?

i dunno anybody with the APEXi kit....Apexi claims a lot, I highly doubt the HP gain is that much..esp. for a SOHC engine....

even with boost controllers, etc...i highly doubt you can get 300 horse....
thanks for the input;)
poor kid...get a life...
damn, i was dumb back in the day, lol
tzonni said:
damn, i was dumb back in the day, lol
So what was the point of this thread? I am confused :rolleyes :D

But I guess that you make a good whore, whore :D
first to post what?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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