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Hey guys, im new to boost, but have been doing my research and i feel like i have a good understanding of the concept.Finally getting close to gathering all my parts.My goal is a DD, stock internal(200whp) street car.
My current set-up:
92 cx hatch with 98 D16Y8(vtec) swap
I/H/2.25" exhaust w/ oem muffler
lowered on springs, stock tranny.

Turbo parts i have acquired(new and used):
-dsm T25 turbo (internally gated)
-cx manifold w/ adapter
-dsm 450cc injectors (blue tops)
-injector resistor box
-dsm 1G BOV w/ flange
-StealthModePerformance oil feed/return
-StealthModePerformance oil restrictor ------> Not sure if necessary for t25?
-closed loop catch can
-Mishimoto FMIC
-Ebay Charge Piping 2.5"
-2.25" Flex Pipe (for exhaust)
-ARP head studs
-OEM head gasket
-Walbro 225 fuel pump
-Autometer boost gauge (mechanical)
-Autometer oil pressure gauge (mechanical)
-AEM UEGO Wideband
-IPG Vacuum manifold
-P28 Virgin ECU converted from obd2 (came with d16y8 swap!)

what i need:
-spark plugs

I believe that's all for now. Let me hear your input/suggestions on what i should include in my list or what i can exclude for some extra ca$h, Lol.

I also have a some questions i would like to ask...
1.) Is the oil restrictor overkill for this turbo?
2.) Would it be o.k to run my 2.5" DP to my 2.25" exhaust or will this cause too much back pressure? I don't want the turbo to feel laggy...or hurt the turbo/engine.

Thanks for looking!

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-sr20det t25g would've been a much better option or a eclipse 14b. dsm t25's suck
-get bkr7e-11 spark plugs.
-and yes you need a tune. i just got tuned on ectune and love it.
-and yes you need a 2.5" exhaust or bigger. bigger exhaust with the right tune will always spool faster than a 2.25"

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yeah i hear you about the 14b, but i already have the complete turbo/dp/oil lines for the t25 so ill keep that. like i said, i'm new to boost, and i'm thinking the t25 will suit my needs. As far as getting to my tuner who is 30-40 min away, i was curious how to get there... a)get towed, or b)run off of a basemap? are there other options here? thanks in advance!
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