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Fix your ZC distributer before it breaks

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Inside your distributer, behind the rotor, there is a sensor. There is a four point wheel on the rotating assembly of the distributer. each point makes contact with a stationary sensor as it spins. What I have seen is that the stationary sensor will either A: break loose, hit the wheel, and get pummeled into a big copper hairball. Or B: it will get knocked out of the way, and will no longer pick up a signal from the wheel. If you put a line of glue around where the stationary sensor attatches to its "chassis" it shouldn't ever have this problem. This is a very basic diagram of the "stationary sensor". Once you take off your distributer, remove the cap and rotor you will see exactly what Im talking about. If you follow the two fatty black wires to where they connect with the stationary sensor and wiggle them, you will see the week, cracked up white glue. Just squeeze a few drops of super glue into the crack where you see the nasty old glue.
The green dots is where glue needs to be applied. Hopefully this saves some people from having to pay 300+ for a new Honda distributer. I did this to mine, and I havent had any problems with it.
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Good info to know. These motors that are shipped over have been sitting for a while, so it makes sense that some parts are going to become brittle or dry rot. I wouldn't use super glue though, it doesn't hold up to heat very well. I would use an epoxy base adhesive that is designed for high heat applications. Super glue would get you home, but I would not rely on it after that.:cool:
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