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Flame Thrower Exhaust????

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Ok I just went out and bought a spark plug a switch and alot of wire so that i can make the flame thrower exhaust, I thought all a spark plug needed to spark was positive and negative energy, But i guess i was wrong can someone please help me out on what the proceedure is and how to do it and if im missing something, Thank you
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:laff: :laff: :laff: This is a joke, right? :confused:
the reason this is in the performance and n/a tech lounge is????
5gencivic said:
the reason this is in the performance and n/a tech lounge is????
Because rice boys think little things like this give them mad HP

Rice boy 1 OMG dude I got me a spark plug in my tail pipe

Rice boy 2 really dude that’s so cool how much HP you get from it?

Rice boy 1 dude man the guy at the shop told me it will add 70HP at the wheels

Rice boy 2 WOW that’s almost as much HP as the stickers you put on last week

Rice boy 1 I know man

Rice boy 2 I wish I had mad cash like you

Rice boy 1 shit man you just wait tell next week

Rice boy 2 whys that bro?

Rice boy 1 I got some new chrome hubcaps coming in that I need your help to install

Rice boy 2 dude I’m there

Not trying to offend anyone I just find it really silly that people CAN NOT comprehend that this is a N/A engine tech forum
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Just buy a Pratt & Whittney jet turbine engine from a retired F-15 Eagle & be done with it. Im sure it will fit with room to spare in your "big bore" diameter exhaust tip.
ich it's cool... i think you're just trying to justify complete and utter idiocy... me on the other hand... /shrug...
hey 5thgen...first of all....ICH is da MAN!....hhahaha....and by the way...hes right....fuck i hate rice boys....shit when i get my lancer they will probably think their stock height, wal mart hub cap wearin, hella sticker havin, altezza tail havin civic can beat me......take the fast and the furious out of your DVD player then throw it in the air and shoot on with your life
flames are cool, i dont care if i am a riceboy, but i am having THIS installed as we speak: watch the video
krillz said:
flames are cool, i dont care if i am a riceboy
Shit man I don’t care if you like it or not what ever you like is all up to you I happen to like aggressive body kits most people think that’s rice. The point at hand here is that this thread has nothing to do with N/A engine tech
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