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For once, an extended warranty was worthwhile...

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I had my 97 GSR (about 76k) in the shop last week because of a weird clicking noise when ever I applied or let off torque. It seemed to be coming from the front wheels. Turns out I needed a new inboard joint and a new driveshaft. That was about $750.00. While I was waiting for the parts to come in, my master and drive cylinders for my clutch went out. There was another roughly $750.00. On top of that, my radio had a short in it, so they replaced it as well. So I had probably $1800 worth of work, and it cost me 0. Not too bad. I was just starting to get grumpy about paying $900 for an extended (to 100k) warranty. It's nice to make your money back!
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my friend had used his warranty and got a entire new engine from the dealership the other day. he has a 97LS, and he has around 80k miles or so, but he has his odometer shut off at 26k or so. but anyway, his rings were fried, so they just replaced the entire engine. he is so lucky cuz he bought a turbo for it a few weeks before he had to have his engine replaced. now his is finished breaking in the new engine and today actually he is dropping his car and turbo off at the shop...SoOOOo lucky!!!
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