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FOR SALE: 1998 Civic Ex Couple, Denver, NEW ENGINE, less than 5,000 miles

Here is my listing from Craig's list. If you are interested in purchasing this car in another state we will need to speak over the phone specifically about the details of payment and pickup. Please contact me via e-mail first and we can go from there.

[email protected]


P.S. I have positive ebay feedback, and references with members of this website.[email protected]/with/172973830/

February 2003: I originally purchased the car from a dealer in Denver. It has a clean title and as far as I know I am the 2nd owner. I purchased the car with 90,000 miles on it, and I have never been in a major accident.

December 2004: A young lady in a Jeep backed into me while I was waiting at a light. The front end was damaged, and was professionally repaired, the following were replaced with new, OEM parts:

-Front Bumper
-A/C Compressor

December 2005: I loaned the car to my little brother who returned it to me with a spun rod-bearing. For those of you who don't know, that means the engine was toast. It was garaged for about a month, before I was able to purchase a new engine for it. While I was having the engine installed, I had the clutch replaced.

Spring 2006: I have put time and effort into making this car worth every penny. I have installed/replaced the following:

-New hub caps
-New Alpine door and rear speakers
-New Virtual Reality Sound Labs CD/Mp3 Deck, 180 watts, Stereo inputs, IPOD compatible
-New brake pads
-New Intake Airflow Controller (to settle a the idle)

About the engine: The engine is NEW from Honda. I emphasize this because it is not a "pull-out" or a "remanufacture". I was able to arrange to buy a new engine from a friend in Ohio (where these cars are assembled). The engine had not been installed in a vehicle, and was tested for functionality before purchased, it had no miles on it. It arrived in very clean, like new condition. It is the same as the original D16y8, so there is nothing funny about its installation. It was installed professionally to replace the original.

The engine is of corse the big selling point on this vehicle, the odometer reads as of 6/22: 137,400, the engine was installed at 134,400. The engine has roughly 3,000 miles on it. Anyone who is familiar with Hondas is aware of they're reputation to run well over 150,000 miles. So your basically getting a Honda with 3,000 miles on it, for a much lower price!

I had purchased a new transmission in addition to the motor. It however has not been installed. I needed to get the car back on the road, so the original transmission is still in the car. The syncro's in the transmission have a little wear. It makes a little noise going into gear occasionally, but aside from that, the transmission in the car is issue free. I still have the transmission, and it can be installed professionally, but I will discuss that later with a buyer.

Basically, I'm selling the car for personal reasons, I'm a student and I need the money for other things. I ride the bus more than I drive. I have had more fun driving it with the new engine than I ever did before. It makes great power, drives smooth, and is a lot of fun to drive. VTEC gives even this smaller Honda engine a lot of punch for dodging traffic.

It makes for a great commuting car. A full tank is $25, even at current gas prices, and you will get 35-miles per gallon. Given my current driving habits, I drive around on $10 a week. You will not be disappointed.

The interior is in good condition for a cloth interior, no major tears, ect. A few stains, scratches, burns, ect. But nothing sever, and no bad odor.

The power window on the passenger side has never worked well. It is still functional, but can get struck. Its easy to fix, but requires the door panel to be removed. Usually more trouble than its worth so I keep it up. The driver-side and sun-roof work perfectly.

The A/C needs to be recharged, I never got around to it after the new engine was installed. It can be taken care of easily before a buyer takes it.

The paint is in good shape. The rear bumper is pretty beat up, but its plastic and replaceable. There are a few scuffs here and there, the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Someone keyed it, but not that badly, and there are a few doors that have hit it in some parking lots and what not, but overall its negligible for someone who is more concerned with getting where they're going, than details.

The best way to get a hold of me is email. I will reply with a phone number, and we can setup a time to meet. The car is located in Boulder, on the hill.

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