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PRICE DROP $32,000 -For Sale: 540 Rear Wheel Horsepower Turbocharged Lexus IS300 (KY)

***For Sale***
540 Rear Wheel Horsepower 2002 Turbo Lexus IS300 Featured in
July 2004 HiBeamz Magazine

This is truly a unique car with tremendous power, rare true Japanese looks, incredible handling, and a fully custom interior. I am the only owner of this IS300 and took it from stock in 2002 through the years of the modification process. The car is garage kept and never sees a drop of rain. The title is clear as well.

The detail on the car is really what sets this car off. The power is simply amazing. The car produces a touch over 350 rwhp at 7 psi, 454 rwhp at 14 psi, and made 540 rwhp/549 rwtq at 21 psi (video and dyno attached). It has so much power that it melted parts of the tires as they spun on the dyno 3 years ago! Powerhouse Racing created and tuned this car with Motec standalone ECU which is universally recognized as the top standalone available. The clutch was upgraded by PHR to handle the extra power. Boost, EGT, and Fuel Pressure gauges allow you to monitor the car while driving with the HKS boost controller integrated into the dash.

The details on the engine setup are impressive as the power. All the piping is ceramic coated and polished including the intake manifold and y-pipe. The Garrett turbo matches as well with a polished housing. Even the valve covers have been powder coated blue to match the paint color of the car. To set off the engine bay, the plastic covers have been replaced with full custom blue carbon fiber under hood covers from IPT Motorsports. Power was a must for this car, but reliability was equally important. You simply will not find an IS300 with this much power that has been more reliable than this car.

The paint on the car is flawless without any marks. The body kit caries the same aggressive style & true JDM looks with a very rare Hippo Sleek Front bumper for the Altezza, side skirts from Vizage, finished off with a C-West Rear bumper. The hood is an unusual and super light black carbon fiber weaved in with blue kevlar held up by FIG aluminum hood props. The car been lowered on Zeal Function B6 coilovers made to order that took nearly 4 months to import from Japan. The ride is still Lexus like with remarkable handling from the Zeal coilovers and TRD Racing sway bars. In addition, the car is sitting on authentic 18” Lowenhart BR-5 wheels with brand new Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 tires.

Finally, the interior details follow the rest of the lines of the car from a completely custom leather interior & glove box to the JDM TRD gauge pod holding the turbo gauges. Even the interior lighting on every location has been changed to a custom blue color from the turbo gauges to the boost controller to the dash to the ignition ring.

Dyno sheets, pictures, and a detailed list of the modifications to the car are listed below. This Lexus IS300 has more money in the aftermarket modifications then the price of the car brand new. Shop time alone to modify this car has been close to a year and was painful to endure. Mileage is also very low at 35,000.

Please feel free to PM me or email me at [email protected] with any questions. I can also be reached at the following instant messengers:

Yahoo ID: weatherman_lr
Windows Messenger: [email protected]
AOL: TurbodIS300

Asking Price $32,000

Engine Performance Modifications:

Powerhouse Racing Stage 2 Turbo
• Garrett GT-60 Turbocharger
• Motec M4 Standalone ECU w/ Wire Harness & All
Necessary Sensors
• Large Spearco 500x200x75mm Front Mount Intercooler
• Supra Turbo Fuel Pump
• 6AN Braided Lines
• Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
• PHR Dual Feed 17.5mm Fuel Rail
• PHR Fuel Pump Bracket Kit
• 6 Denso 720cc Fuel Injectors
• MSD Ignition Upgrade
• PHR Cast Steel Exhaust Manifold with HPR Heat Coating
• 2.5” Mandrel Bent Aluminum Intercooler Piping
• APR Head Stud Kit
• PHR 3mm Metal Head Gasket
• 3” HPR Coated Turbo Mid-pipe
• 3” HPR Heat Coated Turbo Down-pipe
• 3” Intake Piping
• HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve
• T-Bolt Clamps on Piping

HKS Carbon Fiber Titanium Exhaust
Powerhouse Racing High Performance Clutch

Engine Dress Modifications:

IPT Motorsports Blue Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
IPT Motorsports Blue Carbon Fiber ECU Cover
IPT Motorsports Blue Carbon Fiber Fuse Box Cover
IPT Motorsports Blue Carbon Fiber Cam Cover
IPT Motorsports Blue Carbon Fiber Small Fuse Box Cover
APR Carbon Fiber Radiator Cooling Plate
Blue Powder Coated Valve Covers
Ceramic Coated/Polished Intake Manifold
Ceramic Coated/Polished Intake Y-pipe
All Turbo Piping is Ceramic Coated/Polished
Blue Silicone Hosing
Blue Silicone Pipe Connecting Hose
Blitz Radiator Cap
Blitz Oil Cap

Turbo Electronics:

Apexi EL II Boost Gauge
Apexi EL II Fuel Pressure Gauge
Apexi EL II Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge
Apexi EL II Electronic Gauge Controller
HKS EVC IV Electronic Boost Controller Silver Limited Ed.

Exterior Modifications:

Authentic JDM Hippo Sleek Front Bumper
Authentic JDM C-West Rear Bumper
Authentic JDM Vizage Side Skirts
Carbon Fiber FX Carbon Fiber/Blue Kevlar Hood
Fig Brushed Aluminum Hood Prop Kit
Umnitza CCFL Daylight Demon Eyes (DDE) Headlights
Custom Smoked Headlight Housing
Authentic Lowenhart BR-5 Wheels (18”x8.5”)
Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 Tires
• 255x35YR18 Rear
• 225x40YR18 Front
Shaved Side Markers
Blue Painted Calipers
Mirror Tint

Suspension Modifications:

Zeal Function B6 Coilovers by Endless
• Fully Adjustable Height
• Fully Adjustable Damper
TRD Racing Yellow Sway Bars

Interior Modifications:

Powerhouse Racing Short Throw Shift
Powerhouse Racing Brushed Aluminum Shift Ball Blue Leather Front & Rear Seats Blue Leather Door Inserts Blue Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel Blue Leather Shift Boot Blue Leather E-brake Boot
Custom Blue Leather Glove Box for Electronics
TRD Gauge Pod Custom Painted Blue
Custom Blue Painted Door Window Switch Plate
Custom Blue Painted Dash and Shifter Area
Custom Blue Interior Lighting
• Main Gauge Cluster
• AC/Clock Area
• Radio
• HKS EVC IV Boost Controller
• Apexi EL II Gauge Controller
• Ignition Ring
• Power Window Switches




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i don't really care for the wheels/front bumper, but still a clean car

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Nice car. Not my cup of tea (as I'm not a fan of peaky turbo Toyota power), but that's a decent deal for the level of modifications/care that it has recieved. If you consider how much a MKIV Supra goes for with the same power and MUCH higher mileage/age, it's a steal.

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Nathan123 said:
Nice car. Not my cup of tea (as I'm not a fan of peaky turbo Toyota power), but that's a decent deal for the level of modifications/care that it has recieved. If you consider how much a MKIV Supra goes for with the same power and MUCH higher mileage/age, it's a steal.
Nathan thank you for the compliments. It really is a supra but with for doors. It is a very nice touch with sick amounts of power.

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I think this will be the last price drop before I think about removing a few things. I am going to lower to $32,000 and I will negotiate with a few of the parts if the buyer is interested.

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Just curious, why are you selling it?
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