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I am porting out my system because school is coming and I know I wont have time to play games anymore. I am going back to my basic setup so I can concentrate on school and pay for those stupid books.

I am selling my 6800GS 256mb AGP video card from PNY. The card itself works fine but I am having a little problem with it. I dont know if it is the card or my setup. I bought the card from for $190 or so. This is the 2nd card that I got from them with the same problem. The problem is that if I put my computer to sleep, and if I wake it up, I get artifacts from it. So I would need to reboot my computer or just not put it to sleep. I dont get this problem if I go from a clean boot and the video card will work flawless. Other then that, there is nothing wrong. Again I do not know if this is something wrong with my computer or the card. I do not have another computer to test it on so I can not comfirm it. If you dont turn off your computer this shouldnt be a problem to you.
I reported the problems here

The card will NOT unlock the extra 4 pipes, but will unlock the extra vertex pipe.

I bought the Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5 Rev 2 and I am willing to give this away with it.
The Rev 2 is the same as the updated rev 3, just that it does not support the newier 7xxx series video card. There is a BIG difference between the AC silencer and stock. Stock fan is loud, very loud. This upgrade makes the video card near silent and it cool.

I still have the box and everything that came with the video card.
$100 shipped
Any question please PM me.

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Selling them on eBay at

If there is something you are interested in, let me know. I will build pretty much everything.

Item Description Price

Case NZXT Lexa Aluminum Case $164.99

Motherboard Intel® Desktop Board D975XBX $247.49

CPU Intel® Core™2 Duo X6600 $359

OS Microsoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition $119.99

Memory Corsair 2GB Dual Channel DDR2 PC-5400 SDRAM 667MHz $187

Hard Drive Seagate 320GB 7,200 RPM SATA w/16MB Buffer $105.50

Video Card Asus 256MB GeForce 7600 GT w/Dual DVI, VGA, & HDTV $193.99

Optical Drive Liteon 16x Dual Layer DVD±RW Drive $39.99

Card Reader Mitsumi 13-in-1 Internal USB 2.0 Card Reader $19.99

Assembly Custom hand-built, tuned, and tested. $100.00

Total $1537.94

Item Description Price

Case nMEDIAPC HTPC Case w/ 20x2 VFD (Silver) $225

Motherboard Intel® Desktop Board D945GTP $120

CPU Intel Pentium® D Processor 805 $97

OS Microsoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition $120

Memory Corsair 1GB Dual Channel DDR2 PC-5400 SDRAM 667MHz $116

Hard Drive Seagate 320GB 7,200 RPM SATA w/16MB Buffer $106

Video Card Asus Extreme Radeon X1600XT 256MB DDR3 w/TV-Out, DVI-I & VIVO $140

Optical Drive Liteon 16x Dual Layer DVD±RW Drive w/LightScribe $40

TV Tuner Kworld ATSC 110 Digital/Analog HDTV Tuner $100

Wireless Card Trendnet 108Mbps 802.11g Wireless PCI Adapter $33

Keyboard/MouseLogitech diNovo Media Desktop $140

Assembly Custom hand-built, tuned, and tested. $100

Total $1,327

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For Sale:
want to sell 3800 dual core 2ghz stock overclocked to 2.7 ghz each core
270fsb 1gb ddr
7800gtx OCable
dfi ultra-d motherboard
700$ water-cooling system
520 watt power supply 37amps on 12 volt line
180$ steel case with 5 fans capable of 7
Dvd burner / cd burner
4 hard drives 1 36gb 10k rpm - 2x 120gb sata raid-0 - 1 120gb ide

If computer is sold for 2,000 I will include the water block for the 7800gtx that I recently picked up along with a large amount of games.

Can not ship, local pick-up only due to an external water-cooling setup. I am located in Queens NY right near TB. Price is negot. but please be fair as I payed over 4k for all the mods.

Computer is godly at gaming, and amazing at video editing, renders in vegas video in no time. Let me know. Selling due to loss of interest in high quality games and video editing, Also moving onto cars :p

I have another computer for sale also,
2.8 ghz ht northwood
1gb ram
80gb HD
antec PSU
radeon 9550
soundblaster live ls
450+ shipping local pickup aval too Queens, NY.

also selling a wow account :p 60 gnome mage dethecus 6/8 arcanist netherwind helm flarecore legs SOD rank 11 frostbolt -- Frostbolt hit for 850-860 200$ and it's yours

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Sick Gaming Computer FS/FT!!

I am selling my personal gaming computer. Here are the specs:

ECS EliteGroup p4m800pro motherboard
NEW 300 gig SATA hard drive
Pentium D Dual Core 3.4 GHZ processor
1 Stick of DDR2 533mhz 1Gig RAM
420 Watt Power Supply
NEW Dual Layer DVD Burner
All encased in a black Case with front usb, w/firewire accesablity, front tempature Guage and 2 blue LED fans 889 Black.bmp
Also Includes OEM copy of Windows Home upgrade w/CD key.

This is a great computer for Games, Video editing, or just a great all around computer.

Only thing i would advise is to Purchase a Video Card. But is not neccessary

Paid $750 (have receipt)
Asking Price $600 obo
I am looking to purchase an older Integ, Civic, or Eclipse. (Will add cash)
Will possibly trade for an Audio system
Shipping will be approximately $40

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I have an Antec earthwatts 380watt 80-plus certified power supply (just means its at least 80% efficient at all loads). Also Antec tri-cool 3 speed 120mm fan, black. Looking to get about $25 OBO for the PS, plus maybe a few bucks for shipping depending where you live. $10 for the fan shipped. Also have a Dell keyboard, with buttons for bringing up My Computer, Calculater, media buttons (play/pause, next track, previous, stop, mute, and a volume knob) , browser buttons (home, forward, back, refresh.) Make an offer I dunno what they go for.

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I'm selling my Asus A8jm gaming laptop. I've been developing on this for the past year, paid $1400 after MIR for it, and I'd like to get half the cost back. For $700 (plus shipping) you get:
  • CPU: T2400 Core Duo (1.83 GHz)
  • RAM: 1.5GB DDR2 667MHz (Originally came with 1GB, did an upgrade)
  • HD: 100 GB 5400 RPM
  • GPU: NVidia Go 7600 512Mb dedicated memory
  • Screen: 14.1 WXGA (1280 x 800)

    Here is a rather complete review of the a8jm if you're interested in learning the specifics:

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whatchu want for the video card?

i have a *sort of* working laptop i could unload. the place where the power plug goes needs soldered... that's all that's wrong with it - other than the fact that it's apart ready to be soldered. i just can't find anyone willing to do it, and i sure as hell don't trust myself to.

if anyone's interested i'll dig up the specs on it. but i'll let it go fairly cheap.
dude you're the guy that's in overland park often, right? hypertech computers on 87th and farley resolders power jacks. their labor is $69 plus the cost of the new power jack. (usually $30-40). just sayin, there are hardly ANY places that will do that so if you need to get that done, and you're in the kc area, hypertech computers will do that for ya.
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