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For sale Konig bolt on axle back exhaust $100 or best offer.

Red and real carbon fiber Isotta shift knob for $25

Weapon R short ram Dragon intake candy yellow with breather filter and ram air attachment ( not cold air). Needs new fiter element for intake filter. $50 or best offer.

I will meet you anywhere. for pics click on the link. BULLET
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I'll give you 20 for the strut bar if it will fit a 98 civic hb... meet in glen burnie? Also what color is it?
I dont know anyone who wants the axle back or rims but i will take the strut bar, do you have a model number just so I could be sure that it will fit. When do you want to meet? And is glen burnie fine?
actually i just checked and it looks liek its the same for all civics, so i'll take it.
what time of day, because if it's going to be between 5-7, it would be easier for me to meet you some where on ritchie highway more in the heart of glen burnie. If not, i can meet you at arundel mills.
what about at the compusa on the corner of east ordinance and ritchie highway at 5:45 on wends? if so send me an e-mail [email protected] with your phone number so I can get ahold of you if i cant find you.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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