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For Sale or Trade: Dronell D-power C-05 RARE!

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Ok people...I have a set of 4 18x7.5 2 piece Dronell d-power c-05s, bronze with a polished lip...Lug pattern is 5x114.3 with a 43 offset...Had on my car for 6 months and i managed to keep them in good shape...2 wheels are in perfect condition...One of the other is bent on the BACKSIDE, from the front everything looks perfect...Its barely bent..I checked some places and they want about $120 to fix...Bent on the interstate hitting a big bump on a bridge...The other wheel is slightly scratched on the very end of the lip almost all the way around the wheel, the powdercoating is in perfect shape...Scratches are not noticeable from 2 feet away...I think my dad kinda scraped it on the lip of an entrance at the gas station...They are wrapped in Falken FK-451 215/40/18...Tires are still in great shape with lots of grip...Im asking $1100 SHIPPED...Remember these are NOT availabe in the US anymore...The wheels alone cost me $1800 plus $600 for the tires so i think thats a pretty fair price...Will also trade for Prelude Type SH or Rota wheels with tires+$900. For fast response email me at [email protected] with questions or OFFERS. Heres a pic:
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TTT...C'mon make some offers!!
Ok NEW price...$900+plus shipping charges
$950 shipped... u seem pretty desperate to see them...if you want to really attract some buyers... post better pictures (ie: a complete shot of your car with those rims, quarter shot of your car with the tires turned so that the rims face outwards the picture). that picture doesnt do justice as to how it would look on a car... naahhh mean?

Yes, Im pretty desperate....I hate to get rid of them but im in the process of buying a hatch and need money ASAP. Here is the only pic i have of them on my ride.
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to me they resemble the RO_JA Formula 5 rims.... doesnt look bad at all on your car. are they cast, spun or forged? how much does each rim weigh (w/out tires)?
Yes, they do resemble them alot...They are 2 piece forged. 20 pounds each.
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