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ok gotta sell my cavy due to school... it has

*urathane top engine mount
* 16" icons
*pioneer head unit
*04 center console
*white face gauges with bezel trim
*dual pod with air/fuel gauge
*pioneer 4x6 in the front
*boston 6 1/2 in the rear deck
*battery relocated to trunk
*clear corners
*smoked tails
*power m3 mirrors
*sf front bumper
*extra trunklid
*aluminum crankshaft pully (not on car)

***and ill throw in my
*with box (12in)
*1 ferat capacitor
*motegi DP5s 17s
*extra set of m3 (carbon look) led mirrors (power)

im asking 3500obo

the car when purchased had 83k on it... the day i test drove it the engine spun a bearing... the engine was replaced with a 10k unit out of a wrecked z. 1k later the tranny was replaced. 500mi after the diff was replaced. the car runs and drives most excellent. im currently in conn for school and i need money. the car needs tires i wont lie. the car needs the front bumper painted and the hood is a lil rough in the front... its really not that bad. theres alot of money tied up to make this car run as efficently as it does... and it is definately a performer. Im currently going to school at baran institute and im currently in autobody... but im a mechanic first and foremost. i know this car very well. theres nothing i dont know about it... any questions? feel free to ask. my email is [email protected] and my number is 7245186301 .. call or email me to arrange a meet to see the car... thanks btw the is filthy rite now... sorry about that

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------thanks for looking...

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awe your breaking my heart. because my grandmother used to drive an accord too... oh and the cars fugly as you say it, becuase in the dead of winter i slid into a truck. my bu,per was also in 15 pieces.... but it was repaired... i also have see a whole lot of crappy hondas and a lot of crappy cavys

right now im doin the body work to my amereican piece of shite. then when thats done. im goin to build a head for it... why does everybody try and hate? dont sleep on the j body.

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your car isn't bad.
i had a z24, and they're badass.
no one likes up because they're american made.
but still, they're cool
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