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For Sale: Racing Hart C-5 3piece

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17x7 Racing Hart C-5 3 piece (Authentic)
205/40/17 Nitto NT-450 tires (95% Tread)

Fit any 4 lug cars

One rim has minor scratches on the lip...but other then that great condition...

If interested make me an offer!

I have pictures...can someone tell me how to post it..
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email pics to me i will host them

[email protected]

i want wheels!!! but i can in no way afford RH
do you still have the C5's for sale... let me know
Sorry sold them...thanks for da offer much you looking to spend i might be able to get you a set still...
i really want a set, for the right price i would buy a set for sure.

Let me know VIA E-mail please

[email protected]

yeah same here [email protected] or pm one the board, I would like a set of 17x7.5 in silver or white
Hey guys my friend is selling his set for $1500.00

W/ Nitto NT-450 95% tread on all four tires...

You might be able to get a cheaper deal on ebay. I see them going for like $1000.00, But not sure if you can trust ebay on RIMS...GOOD LUCK Fellas.........
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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