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FOR SALE - The Type-S (Prelude)

So, I'm thinking about selling the Lude. I need something that I can tote the kayaks/bikes/boards around in or on; and the Prelude just isn't cutting it. I offered it to someone on the board privately who had expressed interest. Now that we're done negotiating, I've just decided to open it up to everyone.

Plus, there's going to be some little monsters in the next few years, and the last thing I want to do is watch them tear up my favorite car. So here she is.

First off, this is a pretty well documented vehicle as far as late model cars go. The documents go from the day I bought the car (carfax and the bill of sale), to any alignments, tire rotations, or repairs done to the car - including the swap. The info on the swap is itemized, because when we got the engine in, I had the guys go through and replace every seal, gasket, belt, and hose, on top of all the normal stuff (water pump, tensioner, timing belt) that normally gets done with any swap. It's a 2000 SH, and the car has just under 47,000 miles on it. 174hp to the wheels - with the stock exhaust mani and only the mods listed:

Performance Mods
Type-S Motor
A'PEXi Dunk Catback exhaust
A'PEXi V-AFC - installed and wired, but I haven't had time to tune it, so it's currently not hooked up to the ECU.
DC front Strut bar
DC rear sway bar
KYB AGX adjustable struts
Neuspeed Sport Springs
Kazera 17" wheels - 17lbs each.

Nice little extra touches:
Two ten inch Polk subs
Two Hifonics amplifiers (one for the subs, one for the components)
Infinity Perfect 2-way speakers in the front doors
Infinty Kappa 3-way 6x9 speakers in the rear deck with crossovers installed.
Alpine single CD head unit
Optima Red Top
Viper Paging alarm with keyless entry and remote start. A few other little extras as well with the alarm.
DC shift knob and e-brake handle
Black leather with red stitching shift and e-brake boots hand made by
White face gauges - can be backlight blue or green with the flip of a switch
I also keep an OEM nosemask on it to protect the paint. Underneath the nosemask, between the mask and the paint, I layed down some static cling vinyl to protect the paint from any debris that gets trapped under the mask.
There is no body damage to the car. There are some scratches in the clearcoat of the rear bumper that I haven't repaired. In all the pictures you'll see, the scratches are there. That's how small they are.
The interior is completely spotless - no stains, tears, burns, scuffs or anything like that.
This car is my daily driver. It hasn't been sitting, and it hasn't been beaten on. I've got way too much dough in the motor to go around doing all that mess. Asking $14,000; located in NC.

Photos (larger pics in my gallery) - and notice the cleanliness. I tend to take care of my shit:


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Yeah, I'm going to miss it. But I really need a car that I can load my shit up into. I'm thinking about just buying a $2,000 beater truck or something though.
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