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FOR SALE: turbo's and Lots of stuff

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I have brand new drag kits for sale, greddy kits for most models. Email or PM me for any other parts you might need brand new.
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That would depend on what car and year you have?
oops i thought i was in the civic forum:eek: d series civic
what year car? I need the year and model of the car.
I don't think greddy makes one for the accords yet. But the Drag kit for the Accord is 3195.00 I can get it to you for about 2900.00
they dont make one for my make and model. the one for d series civic is what i need so that would be 92-95 civic
the 92-95 civics are 1596.00

Boost will depend on how much you want to use, you can adjust it by using a boost controller from apex etc..
clear yo mailbox. ha

how much for 00 gsr drag kit?
how much for a 99 civic si kit?
Santoki::: for the gsr drag kit it is 2800.

Siracer:::: For the 99 Si kit greddy is 2600.
SiRacer24 said:
how much for a 99 civic si kit?

Sorry Dude Decided not to sell. I am going to spend 2000 on some JG heads and keep it for a bit longer. Someone had a talk with me and told me I am stupid for selling it. Sorry peeps. Peace!
Turbo4Sale :

Hey buddy u got mail and PM, i'm waiting on you to get more info on this kit , email me [email protected] PEACE
You really want a used Turbo?
Drag kit

I need a drag kit gen II (or gen III) for an me much can you offer. I've been lookin' for awhile so if you can give me a good price I'm willing to buy whenvever possible
Question about turbo piping?? it possible to just buy all the piping necessary for the turbo separate frum the kit???Or do you know where i could buy already made turbo piping???
yeah why not if the kit is 100% complete and looks like like new and can prove its only 6 months old.....whats the problem with a used kit?
1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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