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The kid is hopped up on crack!What is the point?You're not going to run high boost pressures.Twin turbos are for low compresion motors that needs lots of boost to make power.Instead of one massive turbo which makes lag they use 2.It's mostly for large displacement motors that run a course type track where they need the power right away.In yor prelude you have a high compresion motor that doesn't need a lot of boost to make make horsepower.You're best bet both finiacally and because of lack of room under the hood would be to run a small turbine with a larger compressor housing to get the boost you want(no more than 10-11 psi)without the lag.Just remember you need the proper fuel supply or you will run lean and detonate.Not good.But anyway's I hope I've helped you somewhat and enjoy boost.Nothing feels better a honda running boost.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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