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For those who NEED / looking to buy a camber kit!

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I am looking for a front camber kit to go on my 98 Civic LX.

So, I am researching the $hit out of the subject seeing what is the best route to go.

I was looking at trying to get some info on their kits.

Here is what I found:

Modifying any suspension component may change other part clearances and cause binding or interferences. After installing any of Ingalls' products, the suspension must be checked for binds or interference between all components, other arms and the chassis. Be sure that all control arms, struts and steering ends move freely through the full movement of the suspension (springs may need to be removed to fully check component travel). Installing any Ingalls product on a modified vehicle (lowered or raised) from the original factory design requires a detailed check of all suspension components and their movements. Ingalls recommends that a trained technician install and adjust all products.

Here is the pic of the front camber kit for the 96-00 Civic:

This control arm comes with OE rubber or polyurethane bushings. It does NOT come with a ball joint. Press out the factory ball joint from your factory arm and insert it into the adjusting plate.

These control arms are available with ball joints installed.

Without the ball joints ==> HERE

With the ball joints ==> HERE

IF I go with Ingalls I will get the ones with the ball joints already installed (unless there is a problem with Ingalls ball joints :rolleyes: ) Is that $204.18 MSRP for both up front or per corner? For the rear I am going to use longer bolts and washers.

I am going to install Ground Control Coilovers at the same time I install the camber kits.

Are there any other kits out there that do NOT have clearance problems and I should consider? As for the drop, I plan to go just a tad lower than Neuspeed Race around 2.25" - 2.5" => 0 gap!!

I want a quality product, just don't want to shell out no more than what the Ingalls will cost!!

Feel free to post any info / experiences with camber kits you have here!

How do you adjust the degrees on the camber kit in the pic :confused: Looks pretty simple. Only thing I can think is that the 4 silver screw looking things slide back and forth.

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Interesting notes I am finding.....

What effect does ride height have on alignments?

Ride height is the second most neglected part of wheel alignment. Camber is directly affected by the ride height. A perfect example is the lowered Hondas that are so popular now. A drop of just 1-inch on the double wishbone suspension moves camber negative .84 degree.

Why are the inside of my tires going bald?

Negative camber or too much toe-out can cause inside tire wear. Add a low air pressure to the tires and you get an extreme tire wear very quickly.

Why do I need a 4-wheel alignment?

Basically, to assure all the wheels are headed in the same direction. When factories moved to the FWD design the rear wheels were left to “hang out” for the ride. It didn’t take very long for rear tires to develop diagonal wear. This wear is caused by a rear wheel alignment problem. To combat this issue the factory added rear wheel specifications. Just like gapping spark plugs, resurfacing rotors, or changing oil the factory has a reason for setting a specification to a component.

Why is my car out of alignment? I just had it done a few weeks ago.

The first thing we need to check is the air pressure. If it didn’t pull after you just had the alignment completed and nothing is bent then the logical thing to check is the air pressure.

Why do I need cam bolts?

In the “good old days” setting the alignment was just a matter of adding or removing universal shims that were installed at the factory. When the factories changed from the old control arms to a strut system, in most cases the factory left alignment adjustments out to save money. To replace struts and not add cam bolts is like changing oil and not replacing the filter or doing a brake job by just replacing pads. There are always 3 ways to do something, the right way, the wrong way and the lazy way.

What do they mean by cam bolts? I changed out my springs and shocks (struts) but don't recall anything about cam bolts. Does this only apply to struts? I know shocks are a little different than struts :confused:

Why does my car pull to the right?

There are several reasons why the car will pull. Unequal camber, unequal caster, road crown, unequal tire pressure or radial tire pull are all the most common reasons for a vehicle to pull to one side

For the complete FAQ go --> HERE
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