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For those with factory foglights?

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I just bought the factory foglights off of someone near me. The only thing is that it didn't come with the foglight trim on the outside of the car. Does anyone know where I can find them online. I have called the Honda dealers around me and the lowest price that I found was $31 each side. Can anyone help me. I need these bad and I don't want to spend the $31 at the dealer, but I might have too. Thanks.
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Call all the junk yards. If they have nothing, call Honda back, and get the part #'s for the pieces. Post them here, and I'll try to find them online cheaper.
You can also try I know they have a bunch of parts there at a lower price than the dealer. You might also get luck on ebay...
Thanks. I tried getting the part # from the dealer, but the guy gave me a hard time trying to get the #. So I'm just going to go to the dealer and spend the money. Thanks anyhow.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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