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Bay Area ONLY

I would like to trade my Sensei front bumper for a stock civic bumper plus $50 bucks
I would like it to be in good condition too. I would prefer a white or black bumper too, but not that picky. It is in good condition and fits really good too, but does have a crack on the front lip.
I have included a link to some pictures for you to check out too. The middle piece has been covered in carbon fiber vinyl, and can be taken off easily.

Here are the pictures:

Sensei Front Bumper


Original Black Widow Side Skirts. I would like to trade them for either OEM stock side skirts plus $50 or an even trade for some Wings West rs side skirts. They are in good condition too, but they do have the typical scratches from the bottom from scraping.

Here are some pictures too

Black Widow Side Skirts
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