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Forced to convert to Integra...

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I know this sounds kinda ricey... But i wanted to do hella to my car mod the engine out like hell and body kit nice sounds system. But since the american credit system sux. I am forced to buy a used car. So i have to start over i don't even know where to start.. Is there any body kits for a integra?? *sigh* i hate starting over my dreams shattered so many times...
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If you want the import style, you must drive an Import.

Lots of after market parts and kits for the Integras... you will find good kits here.

Also try DRG motorsport ( in Phoenix) # 623-882-9888.

take care.



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all go, no show...
all go, no show...

wow nice car picture man just i am angry and sad right now so just trying to figure out what to do...
what did you drive and where are you from... to now know what is available for the import scene? not to be mean or anything, just kinda wondering what kind of sheltered place you came from. it was the same where i used to live in norther NJ though, so....
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