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formatting Xp

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i can't seem to format my hard drive. i created a MS DOS startup disk and boot the computer up in it and when i type in "C:" or "format C:" they say the drive is unrecognized.

Can someone tell me how to format? the OS is XP

i also used Partition Magic Pro to partition my drive..
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thats why u partioned ur drive,, get a disc and just screw around
i been screwing with it for two days.
because XP uses NTFS so MS-dos won't work if u try to format C: from dos..... ( I think)

what I did was boot from XP cd rom..... and follow the instruction, it will ask u if u want to repair XP or install new one.... and by installing new one, u can choose to format C:

well..... I did it a while ago.... so that's kind of what I remembered.... good luck.....

cheers... :)
yea thanks. i figure that out three days ago. i was thinking of WinME when formatting. xp got me screwed over hah.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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