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should moderators allow car vs car posts

  • yes

    Votes: 9 39.1%
  • no

    Votes: 14 60.9%
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Here we go. I see a lot of threads being closed because someone asks will x car beat x car. Now is there a way around this or not. Because the only way around here and much of the north after fall is to street race. Are we condoning street racing now. I know they always say legally of course, but you know what is gonna happen. Can we say how fast in the quarter is a gsr and a maxima or is that also the same . Because people want to know this kind of info. Maybe it will save someones life to answer these kind of questions. Also before the threads are closed many people answer the threads anyway. So that in itself shows that they were interested in the thread or wouldnt have looked at it.

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Originally posted by vtecmissle who will win will not always be decided by whos car is the fastest.

Manufacturers advertised 1/4 mile and 0-60 times always vary as do published magazine and rag articles. The times have so many variables that most don't ever consider like; temperature, humidity, track conditions, tires, so on and so forth, not to mention driver skill which is the most important thing by far...

To know which is faster you will need to go to a 1/4 mile drag or sanctioned track event. Actually racing and finding out who or which is faster is eye opening.

Whats the point otherwise? Just to brag to your school chum's that you have the faster car on an open road? That is pointless and immature, And even embarrassing when you supposedly Have the faster car and you Still lose.

If you think you are faster or the fastest then take it to the track and do it correctly. If you think you are invincable then think Again because you are NOT! Streetracing Is ILLEGAL and Friggen Dangerous.

To even consider trying to push your car and yourself to it's limits on open roads with the slightest possiblity of meeting an innocent motorist is plainly selfish and ignorant.

The majority of idiots that even try to race on public streets can't even drive their cars well anyways, why put yourself at risk when racing them?

Pointless,,, just pointless...

Ya wanna know how many and which types of cars Mine is faster than? You'd laugh and be amazed if I told you, remember that I'm a twisty guy.


Does anyone remember my only true street race story? ITR vs. S-4 "hint, hint?" Did it once and had fun but, decided strongly that it doesn't have Any merit or much if any of a challenge.

Just guess what I voted for.


PS Try the 1/4 mile forum, which is where I send all of these types of posts "if" they haven't been covered before.

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I think the rules are fine as they are, I have NO problems with the rules since day one when SHO opened back up. When Tuan was mod here the rules were set in "stone" in a sense, and 1Greyteg picked it right up right before Tuan left and now that we have 2 more mods the rules are being enforced even better. Most ALL forums that I am part of are also very strict about rules and such things. I don't come to the Integra forums to discuss integras racing 350Z's..or anything of that sort.

Go visit any big popular forum and you'll get the same result use search and keep it related to the real point, not to go off-topic with racing stories or Hey! Gues what? I saw a hot girl driving an Integra today!

My vote goes to keep the rules as they are.


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1Greyteg said:
"The majority of idiots that even try to race on public streets can't even drive their cars well anyways"
I don't street race or anything. But I find something wrong with this sentence...

I personally think that people street race because of the rush, and the thrill of showing off driving.. I don't think what u said here helps. Its comments like these that piss people off! stop it already..
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