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This forum is intended for information regarding Cl, RL,TSX, and TL and related questions. Please do not post information in this forum if it is not Cl, RL,TSX, or TL related. Check and create threads in the appropriate forums listed. If a thread is posted in this forum and does not belong, it will simply be moved to the appropriate forum or deleted.

Do not link to other sites. Mike, the owner, has a rule against posting links to other Honda site. If you have some information just copy and paste, but give credit to the other person.

Post Whore
Do not POST WHORE. For the newbies, post whore is a user who intentionally replies to threads in a ridiculous manner. Post whores replies will be deleted and you will be warned.

Search Engine
Please do a SEARCH before you post questions. Alot of information could have been posted regarding any information you are looking for. For purposes of not duplicating threads and saving space, if a thread has been created on a particular topic of which you have information on, just reply to it, but do not create another thread. Once you have done a thorough search and your question have not been fully answered, then proceed to create a new thread.

Keep your sigs small please, this includes pictures. The bigger the SIGNATURE is, the more room it takes up, including memory and space, therefore it causes the board to function slower. My unofficial rule is no bigger then making the "L" shape with your finger. Then put both L's from both hands together to make a window. Your pic should be no bigger then that. There's no rule on this, but if your sig is too big, you'll be asked to make it smaller.

Let's all get along. There is no need to fight with one another. This is an online community, just like in real life, there will be disagreements with others.
If you have a personal disagreement with somebody, please use the PM(Private Message) to PM them. No one wants to hear bitching about who did what, or who said what.

Be nice If a someone post any information that is wrong, please correct them in a nice manner. Do not start calling people dumb, stupid, or whatever. Once in a while people will get wrong information and pass that along. We are all here to learn. Lets help one another.

Arguments A constructive argument is good. An argument where you guys are personally attacking each other is no good. If you are arguing with some just bring up proof or something to make your point. Personal attacks doesnt make you look any smarter.

Personal Selling of Parts
If you want to sell any part from your car or you have, use the Classified section of Superhonda. Let's not make this forum into a swap meet, thats what classified section is for. Once you post your part for sale in the classified and feel that it is not working, then PM a mod for permission to post in this forum.

If you are a store and want to advertise, please send a message to Mike_SHO or any mod. The mod will forward your message to their respective cordinators.

Enjoy your surfing and learning experience on SHO

If you have any questions, feel free to PM a moderator.
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