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Tell me what you guys think i will take all kind of advice
i bought a 90 integra rs with 195k from its original owner who had records of evrything they ever did to the car and it is completly stock with a new timing belt water pump new distributor, it wouldnt start but the person who sold it to me told me the fuel pump was bad and gave a new one in the deal so i put the fuel pump in to make sure the engine was good and it started perfect. It doesnt knock and still pulls really hard so now im going to swap that motor into my 90 crx dx ive already done a search on this page and found almost all i need to do it but still have one question: can i use the stock integra motor mounts and shift links on my crx because all the guides say to get the hasport kit of both mounts and shift links
the mounts on this car are like new the previous owner had them replaced not so long ago so im trying to save some money for now because if i can use these then ill just buy the hasport ones later.
im also going to take the rear disc brake swap for my car
here's some pics of the car

by the way i paid $200 for the whole car could have never passed this offer up.

thanks for viewing...
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