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I hope it’s OK to post this here.

I got a big problem. I bought an item on EBay 2175.00$ from a J.B/tuneautos (Joey or Joel Blankenbiller, import perfection) from PA. I paid for the item and received a couple of mail when I searched (asked about the delay) the item witch didn’t appeared. After some emails from him all life sign seems to have disappeared. He ended his account on EBay very fast after the transaction etc etc. I have all correspondence saved and also some other information and I also have been in contact with the local police department and have a person assigned on the case but I think this can be solved faster then that but I will need some help and therefore I post this mail. This person also seems to have been in contact with the law before, my guess is that this is not the first fraud for him.

I can to the person helping me bringing this amount in to my account pay a “reward”. More of this in private discussion.

My guess is that this person is from PA, around sinking spring, berks county. He is listed on whitepages. He has a company called “import perfection”(paid to the business account).

He has a business bank account:
Citizens Bank
3515 Pleasant Valley Blvd
Altoona, PA 16602

I know there are someone knowing its person because I found some info including Honda forum and probably this person. This blankenbiller seems to be a known person in car-events.

If anyone known anything of this person please send the info to me. If you feel that you have information but not sure if this is the right person, please contact me, I have some more info of this person.

There is a mail setup for this matter:
[email protected]

Kind Regards
Fredrik Nielsen
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