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Free Flow CAT

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I need a new cat and just wanted to kno is a free flow cat worth it?:confused:
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most people i know are running straight pipes, but i want to keep my car "semi-legal". anyone know of a cat that will work w/ the jdm itr header(i want to go jdm itr header, maybe random technology cat, and greddy mx cat back
Yeah, get a Catco or Random cat if you want. But, the beauty of not having a ODBII car is that the ECU never knows if you have a cat or not! hahaha

Of course if you have to deal with emissions in your state, then they will care of course.

The ecu wont know if you have a straight pipe or not, the sensor is before the cat!
I don't have emissions, so i don't have to worry about it, and i have one of the quietest exhaust on the market apexi ws exhaust, so would putting a test pipe or straight pipe make my exhaust any louder??
i have a catco....other than the heat shield coming off...the cat is pretty good
i was a dumb ass, and hollowed mine out......sheesh! i need one catco is an ok brand?
i bought my catco hiflo cat from jc whitney for bout 80 bucks
I know where the o2 sensor is. I was refering to ODBII cars like my Impreza. You have to deal with CE lights with just about any exhaust modification you make - pre cat.

Just gut your cat, thats what I did :)
i exhaust smells like i have a gutted cat( it stinks), but i bought my car from a middle aged white lady, and i doubt she'd be doing that shiet. Time for me to get a new header, cat n' catback
free flowing cats are a good addition to your exhaust and is well worth it. i got a new ractive high-flo cat for 70$ and it makes a differance
I have a Catco on my Integra, straight pipe on the rex. At one time, I didn't have a cat on the teg, but the exhaust was so loud, I couldn't stand it. Sounded like a pissed off Cesna plane. LOL. The cat on the teg made the exhaust note a bit bearable. On my rex, the DC sports exhaust is pretty quiet, so I didn't need a cat to quiet it down. Plus I run racing gas sometimes and that will screw with a cat. Hope this helps....:cool:
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