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Ok... almost...
I think Jax is gonna kill me... but i need all of this out of my garage by Monday... or it's getting given away locally.

Free UPS Ground shipping (no AK or HI pwease)... No Paypal fee's
Everything will be professionally packaged and all of that good stuff.


Here's what's left...
Mallory Hyfire IV w/ Prelude Battery Bracket - $200
1x ATTS Units - $150 1 sold already
1x extra set rear Floor mats - $10
1x Partial Energy Suspension Bushings Kit BB2/6 - $10
1x Prelude 1/2 Bra -exc condition- $20 1 already sold

Everything else is SOLD
I do have several small items, but I may just move with those... Jay

also adding...
i have a FULL clear bra set. It's the 3M crap. It covers the front bumper/hood/fenders/mirrors/sideskirts??? It retails at 300 i think.
Included video and the bottles and all of that good stuff.
SOLD [$50

SOLD 2x Tein HA w/ pillowmounts (both under 20kmiles) $500
SOLD 2x Stock BB6 SH OEM suspensions (one rusted 20kmiles/one slightly rusted 60kmiles) $75
SOLD Spoon Front BB6 Strut Bar $75
SOLD Neuspeed Chrome BB6 Front Strut Bar $50
SOLD DC Sports BB6 (BB2?) Lower Tie Bar $30
SOLD 2x Tanabe Front Tie Bar $50
SOLD 2x Tanabe Rear Tie Bar $50
SOLD Rear 28mm Neuspeed Sway Bar $70
SOLD Rear Progress Adjustable Sway Bar and adjustable endlinks $100
SOLD 2x Energy Suspension Engine Mounts BB6 - $20
SOLD 1x Energy Suspension Rear Tranny Mount ONLY - $10
SOLD 3x FULL Energy Suspension Bushings Kit BB2/6 - $30
Partial Energy Suspension Bushings Kit BB2/6 - $10
(Is missing 1 or 2 bushings... that's IT)

SOLD Stoptech BB6 Front BBK $600
SOLD 2x Rotora BB6 Front BBK $400
All BBKs are used, in good condition, no parts need to be replaced
BBKs include: Front 4 piston calipers, 2 front rotors, SS brake lines, all necessary bolts
SOLD 2x Stock SH Brakes (2 front calipers, 2 front rotors, 2 rear calipers, 2 rear rotors) $50
SOLD 1x Rear Rotora SS Brakelines $50 NEW 1 set sold
SOLD Cobalt Pads - assorted - $5 a pad (all NEW)
-- SH front and rear 2 sets
-- base front and rear 2 sets
-- Cobalt pads for Rotora BBK front 2 sets

SOLD 2x Full Set 97-98 SH Wheels/No Tires $25 each
SOLD 8x Victoracer v700 225/50/16 Slightly Used $35 each

SOLD SMSP Header Base BB6 - $600
SOLD Mugen Header Base BB6 - $400
SOLD Hytech Header Base BB6 - $500
SOLD Thermal Stealth BB6 Twin-Tip - Axle Back section - $40
(The Thermal needs the hanger welded back on)
SOLD Custom Base Header > SH Exhaust Random Tech Cat - $20
Mallory Hyfire IV w/ Prelude Battery Bracket - $200
SOLD FULL Mugen Cooling System - $50
(includes Radiator Cap/Thermostat/Therm Switch)
SOLD Mugen oil cap - $30
SOLD PURE Racing Short Shift Adapter - $20
(may be missing a nut or something/I don't think so though...)
SOLD AEM CAI V1 - San Marino Red - used and abused - $40

SOLD H22A1 Head - Complete - 40k miles - $350
SOLD M2B4 Tranny 40k - $500
1x ATTS Units - $150 1 sold already
SOLD 2x SH Tranny's - $200
All of the above are in great condition, though dry for quite a while.

Interior/OEM Parts:
SOLD 2x BB6 JDM Door Sills - $100 each set
(used but excellent condition)
SOLD 1x Assorted Floor Mats - $20 2 sets sold
(used in good condition)
1x extra set rear Floor mats - $10
SOLD TAN BB6 NEW Floor Mats - $35
SOLD 3x BB6 Trunk Mat - $15 each
SOLD Cargo Net NEW BB6 - $20
SOLD 1x JDM BB6 Guage Cluster - $30 1 sold
(can't guarantee all of it works... all i know is the speedos works...)
SOLD 2x JDM SiR Guage Cluster Surround - $15
(it has metal rings =) )
SOLD Prelude Car Cover -exc condition/bag is dirty though - $50
1x Prelude 1/2 Bra -exc condition- $20 1 already sold

SOLD- 1x NEW Hondata IM gaskets - $30 each (others SOLD )
SOLD - 8x Modifiers - $15 each (have to somehow get the shipping paid for on these little things sorry)
SOLD- Walbro 255l Fuel Pump - $50
(as in one of them isn't adjustable... you need to get new adjustment knobs from KYB - 18k miles)
SOLD Rear Rotora Slotted Rotors - $40

My Paypal address is [email protected]

All items will go out by Monday UPS Ground.

DO NOT PM ME! Instead, email @ [email protected] or just paypal me.
ALL items you're not happy with will be refunded ASAP (as in it doesn't work).
If you Paypal me for an item already sold, I will refund/cancel the transaction ASAP. BUT... remember it does take paypal a while to refund it from a Checking account (iirc)

Most of these items prices barely cover shipping... i'm serious about getting rid of all of it!
I've been out of the scene/loop/PO for quite a while, but I do have a good rep.

If you have any questions, please email me. Otherwise... buy my stuff!
Detailed pics are available upon request.
Pics link will follow this post.


My contact info if you're worried about these prices/me being sketchy:
Jay Hawkins
3765 S Emporia Way Q202
Aurora CO 80014
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