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From 8lbs to 9lbs

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I already have the JR 8lb boost pulley, is there a stepper pulley that will get me to 9lb when used in conjuction with the JR 8lb pulley?
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nope, one or the other. You either have the 8 PSI pulley or you buy a 9 PSI stepper pulley from
Or you could have both and blow your engine up, but it would be fast for a little while
I've got a brand new Endyn "stepper" alternator pulley if you're interested. Let me know.
HOw much is the Edyn stepper pulley and how much increase in boost?
The Endyn stepper pulley will increase your boost 2.5 - 3psi. I will let it go for $135.00 shipped. Let me know.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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