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what all id needed to go from a f22 to a h22..will i have to cut anything?

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took this from a h22 faq on a board i frequent. theres also an h22 faq here at the top thats stickied. everyone is gonna tell you to SEARCH.

Use the accord wiring harness and lengthen/modify the harness to fit the H22.

The oil pressure sensor has a different plug on the h22, swap the accord sensor onto the h22.

ECU Wiring For Obd1 ecu's
vtec soleniod: Pin A4
vtec pressure switch: Pin D6
knock sensor: Pin D3
Secondary Intake Soleniod: Pin A17

Use accord axles

Buy a manual for the year prelude your H22 came from, the year of the ecu you have and the car.
ex. 97H22 with p13 obd1 ecu into a 94 accord. Get a 97 prelude helms,
a 93 prelude and a 94 accord helms manual. Goto to get them

Air Conditioning
To keep ac take the bracket off the F22 and put it on the H22 and use the accord compressor

For 5TH gen Only
Use 92-96 prelude timing belt side mount, keep in mind that you will have to grind it down to fit, and the rest accord mounts

Swap pin A6 with pin A11, the accord is unique from other hondas. those 2 wires control
the o2 sensor heater and egr control soleniod. They are backwards in the accord

The exhaust must be reduced in length and it is reccomended that you get a cat to match the year
header you have. (ex. if you have a 94 h22 header get a 94 prelude cat, etc) the 97+
header is different and the cat isnt the same.

To keep the Powersteering you must have a custom line made using the lower 1/2 of the accord line and upper 1/2 of the prelude line OR use a 97 prelude pump and bracket

For 4TH Gen Only
Use all accord mounts
The exhaust bolts up to 93-96 Prelude header
No pin swaping is required
There are 2 ways to do the powersteering.. either use all the accord stuff, bracket, hose and pump.. or use all prelude stuff. the prelude stuff looks and fits better but if your in a bind the accord stuff will work.. however one of the bolts on the bracket wont line up so only 2 bolts hold the bracket on.

The egr valve has a small rectangle plug rather than the roundish one, the best thing to do is put the accord egr on the h22 intake manifold.

obd2 engine in a obd1 car
ex. 97+ H22a4 into 90-95 accord
You must get an obd1 ecu, obd1 injectors and obd1 distributor.

obd1 engine into obd2 car (5 Spd Only)
ex. 93 H22a into 97 accord
Get your favorite obd2-obd1 conversion harness, skunk2, hondata, etc
Move the crank angle sensor wires from the crankpully/timing belt area to the distributor.
Repin the distributor connector using the obd1 plug that should have come on the engine, put
the 2 wires you just moved into the 2 left over pins on the plug.

Internal/External Coil Issues
If your car came equiped with an internal coil then the jdm h22 distributor will plug right
in no problem. However, if your car had external coil then you will have to modify one plug.
The plug you will need to modify is the plug that went to the stock coil. There are is a yellow
and a yellow/black wire, splice those 2 wire together. The green wire is useless, dont worry
about it

What Cap To Use
For JDM internal coil use 00 civic SI or 90-93 accord ex cap and rotor
For USDM internal coil.... DUHH!!! use 93-95 prelude vtec cap

MSD Install
For External Coil equiped cars
Cut the Plug that went to the stock coil off, splice the yellow and yellow/black
wires together, and you will also need to hookup the small red wire from the MSD
to these 2 wires.

The green wire is the trigger, connect it to the White wire on the MSD box or
the negative side of the coil if you are only adding a coil

For Internal Coil cars
You will need the MSD conversion distributor cap.
Take the coil out of the distributor. Run the 2 wires that orignally connected
to the coil out through the hole in the cap, rember which one is negitive and positive.
Connect the positive to the small red wire and the negitive to the white wire.

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Hey guys im stuck ere with my build im new to this honda ive swaped f22 sohc non vtech to a h22 dohc vtech nw ive fitd motor n all plugd evrthn tht the f22 harnes had n started bt does not idle i hve to keep the revs n ive noticed i hve a cel light on and a oil light tht flikers whn on low revs n switches of at high revs n i cant pass 4k rpms thn car cuts off so im nt sure if all tht is cz of the vtec selonoid nt pluged n the egr valve n also the vacuum pipes cz the f22 harness does nt hve plugs fr vtec sel n egr n so on an also i dnt hve the rest of the stuff fr the vacuum pipes n no 02 sensor in my ex mani nor hve a cat n nor a plug fr tht in mty f22 harness ive searchd on net bt jst confusing me mre n ive seen u cn bypass vtech sel to cpu n rest of sum stuff bt my vehicle has a P12 MT ecu so dnt think it is possible i dnt knw wht to do HELP plz guyz any1 what shld i do my intake has AIB's too whch is the h22 intake.
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