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sap sap yall.... my name is sambo... i drive honda's, toyota's, bikes, domestics. man i freaking love auto anything... i work on cars as a source of income. at amatak auto in lodi ca.. i'm currently not driving cuzz i have gotten my license suspended. but i do have a 99 civic si. a 86 corolla. an 94 integra. a pathfinder. and had a supra mk4 and mk3, crx/ls swap. 91 civic si. k5 blazer.. and much more just dont remember... i drag, drift (horribly), grip, touge, rally, mudding, off roading. < 4x4-ing > i ride motorcycle but i dont stunt cuzz i fear for my life. crouch rockets, cruiser's , choppers.

i go fishing allot. if you like fishing and is from / around the stockton area... btw i'm live in stockton. give me a holla i have acouple of friends/family boats at my disposal, and we can go fishing.. havn't cought anything yet this year, but man i'm trying.^^ know somthing about fishing that i dotn know.. please teach me, i freakin suck.

i do autobody, and performance.. i'm a pretty well rounded gear head.. my only fail would be wiring.. < so dont ask > ..i have other ppl at the shop to do that. if you guys need any help with body, mech tech, from brakes to painting let me know i can help, if not i'll ask someone who knows.. anywho.. i guess that's it for now.. any comment, question, just holler.

now some pics^^

a friend photoshoped that for me^^

touge who0oho0o

the misses

my son!! < kloud V. s. >

o0o0o my hf crx... my commuter..; ; 50+ mpg i miss her so much.

some pics of the shop^^

i'll post more pics later... i love pics... and again feel free to ask question or leave a comment.. thanks <<<< peace outside yo0o0o >>>>>
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