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front end conversion

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Any one got info on doing a front end conversion for a 91 CR-X to a 93 Civic. Looking for what all parts I will need, and a step by step if any one knows how

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theres too ways i can see doing this....jes buy the lights, corner lens and use bondo and grinder to shape the hood and fenders


buy the fenders and hood off a 92-95 civic, along with the lights and corner lens

i also think you're gonna have to make a custom bracket to bolt up the lights
best bet...

Buy the hood fends lights and bumper

get a grinder and some bondo

have some fun...
i got this from a dif forum

I don't know how to do it, but I know you need:
- Rad. support
-your fenders welded to end of civic fenders
- bumper
- hood

sounds a bit better to me, but what do i know. Right now I am just considering it. heres a pic with it done
i alrerady did it :) in the porcess of getting them custom molded to fit 88-91's
Im not sure cause but I dont see why you need a

You can cut the two fenders and weld and shape them togeher in right. Its just another way to do it -- no matter what you will be cuting grinding and probably uses some bondo! :D

what you do next is buy the parts and someone with experience in body work (that wont charge you up the rear) put her together.

Body work is something you want somebody doing that KNOWS what they are doing. Preferably a reliable shop, because if they skrew up you have a legit place to go after for retribution,whether it be financial return or FIREBOMBS!!!:D
Ya I know I typed in the wrong date. 96 Civic or 94 Del sol or the RSX front end is what I wont. I don’t really think I can do the RSX but that would be cool I think.
The Civic or Del Sol would not be too hard.

The RSX would be tough just because you would have to get the parts. $$$
I was thinking the RSX would be hard cos it looks like it slops down more than a CR-X. but i may be wrong
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