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So since, I don't touch cars in the winter. I pick this GBC up for $14.00 off Ebay auction. First mod I did was swap out the red LED power indicator with a 3mm green LED.

Ordered a new shell casing for only $12.00 shipped:

Went on Ebay a day or two later to look for a broken GBASP AGS-001. Found one and won the bid for around $17.00. 3 days later it arrived. And I went straight to work. Got the GBASP speaker in and soldered:

Cut the GBASP front light to fit the GBC horizontally:

Then later, this is what happened when I didn't tape the wires into one spot, so that it wouldn't pull and move the ribbon around. Both soldering contacts are torn off!!! :mad:

But I was able to save it:

I love it! It's much clearer and has better color contrast than my GBA front lit. Lol. Now I can play it in the dark with ease! :cool
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