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This is for a set. Front is 15" and rears are 16. They're not the same rims. the 15" are a different design from the 16", but they look similar. They're the same brand. AS you can see they're scratched and need some cleaning. Great if you need something to get around in for awhile, or for polishing, or painting them gunmetal w/ polished lip. The tires on the 15" are pretty much gone, but still rideable for a bit. The tires on the 16" are practically brand new. Still have alot of tread left. I'm asking only $150/obo for them, basically the price of the 16" tires


Rim 1

Rim 2

tires on the 15 195/50/15
Rim 3

Rim 4

Tires on the 16" 205/55/16
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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