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what's for sale:
4 17 inch buddy club P1 sf racing wheels
they are used, but in pretty good condition.
one wheel has a scratch on the outer edge/lip (pics below).

gunmetal in color 17 x 7, +42 offset, 4 x 114.3 they are not universal

location: atlanta, ga

these go for $619.99 for a set of four ($154.99 for 1) on without shipping.

$500 without shipping.
i assume shipping will run another $100-125 (boxes, labels, shipping). here isa shipping calculator on use 80 pounds to estimate (20 pounds per wheel).


wheel 1, has one 3 inch long scratch on the outer edge/lip:

wheel 2:

wheel 3 (will not come with tire, the tire is bald and will not hold air):

wheel 4:

if you're located in the southeast, depending on where you live, i may be willing to drive halfway to meet you. cash or a money order would be needed on a face to face transaction.

will accept PayPal.

what the wheels looked like on my car:


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wheels are 17 pounds/wheel, not 20....
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