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1993 Black Honda Civic EX coupe

B16a2 Engine 40k miles (1999 Si)
ACT stage 2 Clutch
KYG Gas Adjustable Shocks
Neuspeed Sport Lowering Springs
Dc Sports 4 to 1 Header
AEM CAI with bypass valve
APEXi World Sport Exhaust System
Short Shifter
EX modified engine harness (needs some wires corrected)
Clear Corners
Red/Clear Tail Lights
New NGK Plugs and Wires
New FRAM Oil Filter
Brand New Modine Dual Core Radiator

Car needs roughly $2,750 in body work for it too look perfect. Also, has bald steelies.

Asking $3,500 Firm

I hope this price is fair because I spent over twice this amount getting the parts and materials for the
swap. The harness is the stock EX one, with modified OBD2 sensors so they would plug into the engine. However,
it still throws a few CELs because some of the wires did not match, and I dont have the diagrams either. A few
wires need to be changed around. Any local hybrid shop could fix it.


$3500 + $2750(body) + $800(tires/rims) = $7050 investment for a practically new hybrid.

I'm in college and I have run out of money, and school is preventing me from getting a job to support this

Located in Chicagoland area.

Email me: [email protected] for any questions

Pictures soon.
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