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1993 Honda Civic LX 4-Door Shell
Miles - 246,###
PM for VIN


The front bumper is just dangling on there, I havent put it back on yet since we removed it when we trailored it here... But it is not broken and will bolt right back up.

The deal with the front left wheel is the ball joint, the previous owner stripped it so that is why it is sittinng like it is. I will have more pics of it in a few days when I get the rest of my tools over to our new house so I can get under it.

I picked this car up for my next project, but due to the police being nice and offering me a drag racing ticket I am going to go ahead and get rid of this for the time being...

It has a b16a in it right now, but my buddy is in the middle of pulling it out and all of the b-series mounts, etc.

The car will be ready in about 1-2 weeks, he has got to finish pulling the engine and then it will be ready for pick up.

Price - $500.00 OBO

Car is located in Rossville, GA 30741

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